The “Mom Jean” Myth

We can all picture them — the flat butt, high waist, and ugly blue wash.

Mom jeans.

As a teenager, I proudly strutted in my low-rise denim, silently condemning the high-waisted pants on the mom plowing through the supermarket, kids in tow.

But now I’m a mom. With baby pudge. And I’m not talking about the cherub cheeks on my 8 month old. I’m talking about my gut, which just never could quite recover from pregnancy.

Pre-baby, I didn’t have washboard abs — but the only muffin top I faced was covered in streusel topping and served for breakfast. Yet 8 months post-pregnancy, there is still a rounded part of my belly where my little man grew.

After endlessly searching for pants that would flatter my reshaped body, I discovered something wonderful. Mom jeans, with their high waist and booty lifting design, can be beautiful. They can smooth, define, and sculpt a pre-pregnancy body out of the rounded flesh I want to hide.

I have officially surrendered my body to my first pair…and I LOVE them.

Like any good person, you need to arm yourself with the facts before you pass judgment on my new wardrobe.

Fact #1: They are comfortable. That high waist tucks all the mommy goodness inside, rather than allowing the wave of baby leftovers to uncomfortably “muffin top.”

Fact #2: My backside looks awesome in them. Even my husband’s sisters have commented on how great my bum looks in these jeans (with no knowledge that they are, in fact, “mom jeans”).

Fact #3: They alleviate the “do I look fat in this” conversation. Why? Because they contain all of the mommy bits that made me feel self-conscious.

Fact #4: They can be fashionable. They come boot cut, skinny leg, and in everything in between. You can even find them in decent brands (my favorite are from the Gap).

Fact #5: You will feel sexier. After pregnancy, looking like you have a flat tummy is the best accessory to any outfit.

Fact #6: No one has to know that you’re wearing “mom jeans.” Seriously. My husband has seen me in just these pants, looked me up and down, and deemed me sexy.

With my newfound confidence in the pants I once feared, I think I am finally ready to pack away the old jeans hanging forlornly in my closet.

Judge not, you flat-tummied ladies. Your day may be coming. And if you’re already a mom and still killing your self-esteem by cramming into your old pants, give yourself and your muffin top a break — go buy some mom jeans.

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