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DIY Drawer Spice Rack



Beautiful, organized, and easily accessed — I am in love with my new spice rack.

Drawer Spice Rack

As part of my goal to organize all of the hidden chaos of our house (closets, cabinets, drawers, etc.) by January, I had to do something with the spices in my kitchen. For over a year they sat on a high shelf in an ugly pink basket, hard to access and a pain to search through.

Before Spice Rack Makeover

I knew that I needed a change, but I didn’t want something in my pantry. It is too far away from my stove, and I like to add dashes of this and that as I cook. And the lazy-susan style of cabinet racks were well out of my budget.

I had 3 requirements:

1. It needed to be close to my stove.
2. It had to be in alphabetical order so that I could stop wasting time hunting for things.
3. I wanted to be able to see all of my spices at once, without moving any around.


Here’s how I accomplished the task for less than $20.



Cardboard box

Thin cardboard (I used old cereal boxes)



Spice bottles


Mod Podge (or other material to apply labels)


1. Pick a location

I decided to use the drawer right next to my stove. It didn’t have much in it to begin with.

2. Measure drawer height, and find bottles that fit when drawer closes

I was able to find empty spice bottles at Bed Bath and Beyond that were the right height for my drawer (leaving a few millimeters of extra space for the container that would be holding them, thus raising them up a bit). They are sold individually, so you can get as many or as few as you need. I bought 20 to start. They were $1 a piece, and I used a 20% off coupon.

3. Make a container to hold bottles in place (here comes the DIY component)

HELPFUL HINT: The box that was holding the spice bottles at the store had rows of cardboard dividers holding them in place (sorry I didn’t get a picture, but you will know them if you see them). I knew that they would have the measurements I needed, and since I bought 20 bottles, I cleared several rows. I helped myself to the now empty cardboard dividers to use as a guide. This made my project MUCH easier!


Box trimmed to drawer height

1. Find a cardboard box that fits snugly in your drawer. Mine isn’t as deep as the whole drawer, but I didn’t need that much room anyway. Trim the box height to match that of your drawer.

2. Measure the length and width of your box, and gather enough thin cardboard to create the box dividers. I used several old cereal boxes.

Dividers, sketched and ready to be cut

3. First, draw lines that divide the cardboard into strips that are the right length and height. I estimated the height using the cardboard dividers I took from the store.

4. Once the strips are drawn to the correct length, prepare to draw the slits that will allow your dividers to interlock. I learned that making my slits a little wider than the slits in the cardboard dividers I took from Bed Bath worked out better in the end.

My box’s measurements did not divide up perfectly to hold 5 spice bottles, so in planning out where to make slits in my cardboard dividers, I focused on keeping everything centered and allowing a few extra millimeters of space around the edges of the box (for the slots holding the spices on the edges). This prevented one side from having too much extra room.

5. Center the store’s cardboard divider on your piece of cardboard. Draw the slits, then re-align as needed to take slits all the way to the edge. Complete this with each length of cardboard. Then cut the strips apart and cut out slits.


6. Line up all long lengths of cardboard, SLIT SIDE UP (opposite of what I have pictured above! I had to start over and forgot to take a new picture), and lay your first interlocking piece with slits side down. This may take a little patience to get it all lined up. Repeat the process until all of your pieces are in place. It will look like the picture below when you finish.

Interlocked pieces

You can spray paint the finished product, but I left mine as is. I think it blends better with my drawer…so long as you don’t look at it from the right side and see the Reeces Puff logo!

7. To make the spice bottle labels, you can either download my pre-made Spice Labels, my pre-made Blank Spice Rack Labels, or design your own in Microsoft Word. I used the pin below for guidance when I made mine. Mine are designed to fit the lids from Bed Bath’s spice bottles.

Simply cut them out and mod podge them onto the lids of your jars!

8. Fill bottles with spices, and organize in box. I put my bottles in alphabetical order, from left to right and front to back — Star Wars style(my husband should be proud of that reference!). I love the organization this project has brought to my kitchen.

Final Product

This project took me a few hours from start to finish, considering I took time to design my labels. If you create your own spice rack, let me know how it goes! Best of luck.


  • Love it! The pre-made labels match my kitchen!


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